Gender Reveal Box

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Gender Reveal Surprise Box

  • $59.00

Baby girl or Baby Boy? You would never know until you open the box! Fun way to reveal the gender of your baby!

Standard Box @ $59 

ღ Surprise Box w/ Ribbon (50cm cube)  
ღ 18" Helium Bubble Balloon w/ 4 Minis & Personalised Wording
ღ 10" Helium Latex Balloon x 4
ღ 5" Heart/ Star Foil x 5
ღ 10" Heart/ Star Foil x 3
ღ 5" Floor Balloon x 8
ღ Message card w/ Personalised message (Optional)

White & Pink
White & Light Blue
Mixed Pink
Mixed Blue
Pink + Blue
Secret! (WhatsApp us @ 91702150)
For Other Colours, leave as special request
35 number of characters remaining
500 number of characters remaining
5m Blinking Fairy Lights (+$10.00)
Artificial Rose Stalk & Petals (+$10.00)
10 Photos & Decor (Send to Whatsapp) (+$15.00)
Voice Recording Bear (+$25.00)
Pink Sash & Badge (+$8.00)
Blue Sash & Badge (+$8.00)
Girl Celebration Kit (un-inflated) (+$18.00)
Boy Celebration Kit (un-inflated) (+$18.00)

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- How long can they last? 

Helium Latex Balloons stay floating for apporx. 10 hours. 

Helium Bubble Balloon (centerpiece) approx. 2-4 days.

Add-on lights are installed with batteries. They will be turned on right before delivery/collection and last at least 15 hours.

-For the best condition of the balloons, please arrange collection/delivery on the event day ONLY and gift it within 5 hours of pickup.

It is advisable that the balloons are used on the day of the event as they will deflate over time.

Strictly do not recommend keeping overnight for next day surprise.

-If you do not know the baby's gender, there are 2 ways to inform us

1. Send the gender statement to us (it will be placed into the box later on).

2. Ask clinic staff/somebody else to send a message via WhatsApp at 91702150. 

Please inform us at least 2 days in advance w/ the order number attached.

-For Add-on Printed Photos or Voice Recording Bear: 

Send 10 Photos or Voice message (Up to 60 seconds, the louder the clearer) w/ the order number

To Whatsapp 91702150 (Click to chat) or via the Whatsapp Icon.

-For Add-on Sash & Badge: 

ღ Mommy to be Sash  (160cm x 9.5cm) 
ღ Daddy to be Badge (8cm Diameter) 

-For Add-on Celebration Kit: 
ღ 10inch Paper Pom Pom x 6 
ღ It's A Boy/ Girl Banner 
ღ Baby Boy/Girl Photo Prop x 24pcs 
ღ 18in Baby Boy/Girl Foil Balloon x 4 
ღ 12in It's A Boy/Girl Printed Balloon x 10 
(Un-inflated set)