Gender Reveal Pop-to-see Jumbo Balloon

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36inch Jumbo Balloon

Gender Reveal Pop-to-see Jumbo Balloon

  • $79.00

Throwing a gender reveal party? Get one of this to the party to bring on exciting moments! Definitely Instagram-worthy, and it'll be a treasured keepsake for you! Mini balloons stream out when you pop the black jumbo balloon to reveal the gender with blue or pink confetti! 


What is included?

ღ 36inch Jumbo Helium Balloon w/ 12 Helium minis and Confetti Stuffed 

    (w/ Balloon wording: Boy or Girl?)

ღ 10 Helium Latex Balloons as two side bouquets


Great for video-shooting! 

When the balloon is popped, confetti will burst out and 12 Helium minis all fly up to the ceiling/sky

(Refer to video for acutal effect)



If you're planning to pick up the giant balloon, which has a diameter of approximately 70-80cm, kindly ensure that your car has enough space to accommodate it.

Please handle the giant balloon with care and avoid any contact with sharp edges, rough surfaces, or squeezing to prevent damage.   




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